Marine Research Centre

CIMAR Marine Research Centre

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CIMAR Marine Research Centre, near Gran Alacant


The main purpose of CIMAR is to research, teach and to make available new information about the marine environment to marine investigators, students and the public; with the centre’s activities related more to Alicante University.

The centre has several offices, specialised library, exhibition hall on marine life, kitchen and rest area, conference room, wash down area for divers and a specialised research laboratory.

The building has not always been a marine research centre. Up until 1920 it was used by the Civil Guard and their families as a look out tower to watch the coast for bandits.

Between 1920 and 2001 it was in the hands of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. In 2001 it was given to Santa Pola Town Council on the condition that the building would always be used for cultural affairs. In 2002 the building was restored and passed to the University of Alicante to be used as a marine research centre. In 2005 it was inaugurated by Santa Pola’s Mayor Miguel Zaragoza. The building continues to belong to both Santa Pola Town Council and Alicante University.

Irene Anton is the Envionmental Monitor of CIMAR and she’ll be more than happy to show you around the centre.

Irene’s role is to explain what CIMAR is, it’s activities and to raise awareness of key ecosystems and communities that can be found at the Cape of Santa Pola and their importance. Irene also develops activities and itineraries for schools wanting to visit the centre.

Wednesday except festivals

10am until 1pm and 4pm until 6pm

Tower d’Enmig, s/n. Cape of Santa Pola, 03130 Santa Pola


Inside the CIMAR Marine Research Centre

CIMAR Marine Research Centre is situated on the coastal road which runs parallel with the Cape of Santa Pola.

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