MABS Crazy Rock and Roll Show

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SPICE GIRLS - Photo Call prior to the MABS Crazy Rock and Roll Show 2014

MABS Rock & Roll Show raises 3,500 euros for Cancer Charity

It was show time with Gran Alacant’s MABS Cancer Support Branch as they danced the nights away with songs they don´t make any more raising 3,500€ for charity.

Jean from MABS Gran Alacant Cancer Support Branch, one of the organisers of the event talks to Gran Alacant’s Website about the show…

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and all the lovely people that took part in our shows to help raise money for MABS. We raised 3,500 euros from the sales of tickets and the proceeds from the raffle.

Everyone that took part did it for free for MABS. The money we raised stays in Gran Alacant for the people of Gran Alacant and all proceeds go to the charity with no expenses taken out.

Also thank you to the bar at the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre for stepping in at the last minute to help us find a replacement venue.

Thank you all very much!

The event was organised by MABS Gran Alacant Cancer Support Branch.

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th November 2014

Gran Alacant Commercial Centre

Gran Alacant´s Crazy Rock and Roll Show was held at the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre.