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Information Letter - Good Practices in Public Cleaning

The Municipal Ordinance of Citizen Coexistence aims to preserve all public spaces in Santa Pola, such as streets, roads, sidewalks, squares, parks, gardens and other green areas, as a place of coexistence and civic spirit.

The responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of the public streets as a result of the common use is the responsibility of all citizens, and therefore we must respect and promote a series of rules and good practices, raising awareness and transmitting in our neighbourhoods the importance of these rules for the coexistence of citizens.

Violation of the prohibitions contained in the Municipal Ordinance on Citizen Coexistence shall constitute an infraction. The conducts contemplated in Title II of said Ordinance are classified as minor infractions, unless they are expressly classified as serious or very serious, and will be sanctioned with a fine of up to 3,000 euros depending on their seriousness.

Minor infringements are punishable by a fine of up to €750.

Serious infringements will be sanctioned with a fine of 750.01 to 1,500 €.

Very serious infringements will be sanctioned with a fine of 1,500.01 to 3,000 €.

For all these reasons, the Department of Sustainability of the Santa Pola City Council wishes to inform the general public of the most recurrent infringements in this area, as well as the need to carry out and share good practices in terms of the cleanliness of public spaces.


The following behaviours are considered SERIOUS INFRACTIONS:

- Leaving furniture and private belongings on the public highway, unless a special collection service has been requested and they are waiting to be removed (751 €).

- Throwing or depositing waste, pruning remains and household items on public roads, in plots and un fenced properties, as well as their evacuation to the sewage and sewerage system (751 €).

The following are considered MILD INFRACTIONS:

- Dispose of household and business waste outside the hours set by the Town Hall (100 €).

- Leave the garbage bags out of the containers when they are full (50 €). Otherwise, they must be deposited in the nearest container.

- Deposit pruning waste or debris outside the designated areas (100 €).

- Deposit unauthorised waste in the containers, other than those expressly fixed by the Town Hall (200 €). For this purpose, use approved ecoparks and landfills.

- Leave the construction containers open when no waste is being deposited in them (60 €).

- Dump any type of waste or particles derived from the cleaning of any kind of object into the public thoroughfare (50 €).

- Do not dispose of household or business waste in bags that are properly closed and do not stain the street (100 €).

- Deposit liquid waste in the containers (100 €).

- To contaminate public roads and any place destined for the transit or leisure of citizens with dog faeces (150 €).

- Clean the terraces and balconies by pouring the waste into the public thoroughfare (100 €).

- Use trash bags that are in poor condition and dirty the public thoroughfare