Gran Alacant Palm Tree Appeal

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Community Comes Together

In March, Tom a member of the local forums lost in his own words “my best friend in the whole world” with the sudden death of his wife and mother of three young children Debbie Milligan. Tom was to go on to say that Debbie, although only 38 years old lived life to the full.

The story touched many people’s hearts and led me to contact Tom with a view to planting a Palm tree in Debbie’s memory ….after a few days Murphy (Solbuilders) from the forums and a friend of Tom’s contacted me to say that Tom would be more than happy for us do this.

Raising the money for the project was our next goal but nothing was to prepare me for the generosity of the businesses and locals of Gran Alacant … raising nights were held at Legends Bar, Los Belgas, Flannagans and Dick Turpins along with prizes donated from Costa Blanca Free Adds and a large donation from a local business and an auction held by Freesat from the forums.

We raised over 800 euros and a local community made land available to plant the tree but not any old land ….the spot where the tree is planted is heaven on earth …set in gardens carved out of rock by the local community.

Even now the garden is evolving daily and it and the tree will soon be on every map of Gran Alacant before long a tribute to the locals…. but more important a tribute to Debbie wife and mother.

I leave the last words to Tom where an open letter he wrote…

Me, Connor, Ben and Victoria would like to thank all the good people of the GA, What you’s have done means so much to us, when the time is right for us we will visit the tree and we will spread Debbie’s ashes.


Photos have been kindly supplied by Rich McDonell, Urb. Monte y Mar 3.2g

Messages from Debbie’s Parents Ken and Nan Brown

Thank You Everyone

Debbie’s parents have asked Gran Alacant’s Website to pass their thanks onto everyone involved in Gran Alacant’s Palm Tree Appeal.

Ken and Nan Brown’s thank you message to everyone…

We are Debbie’s parents and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time, effort and resources to plant this tree in memory of Debbie.

We have been really touched by the generosity of you all and know that Debbie would be too.

Thanks again,

Ken and Nan Brown

For the first time

On Wednesday 8th December 2010 Debbie’s parents went to visit the Palm Tree site for the first time.

We were very, very moved to see the effort and thoughtfulness of everyone involved who helped make this beautiful remembrance for our Debbie. There really are no words to describe how grateful we are to you all. It is very comforting to know Debbie had such good, kind, and thoughtfull friends.

Deb´s parents.

Ken and Nan Brown

Find the tree here

The commerative tree is located on Urb. Monte y Mar 3.2g and can be seen half way up Max Coop hill across the ravine on your left.