Making Gran Alacant´s Municipal Park

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December 2009 - Gran Alacant´s Municpal Park under construction

Gran Alacant Municipal Park

Gran Alacant’s Municipal Park features several play areas depending on the children’s age, exercise machines for the elderly, picnic tables for lunches and afternoon snacks and seating to enjoy the local views. The main entrance is designed to be a meeting place for residents of Gran Alacant.

It was officially inaugurated on Sunday 7th February 2010 by Santa Pola’s Mayor and given the name Sierra de Santa Pola.

Brought to you by – Property Sales and Rentals

How it looks now

Gran Alacant’s Website was granted access to the Municipal Park to take photos prior to the inauguration

Find it here

Gran Alacant´s Municipal Park is situated in the middle part of Gran Alacant at the intersection between Avda de Mediterraneo and Avda de Escandinavia close to the Gran Alacant Post Office.