Cakes for all Occasions

Cakes for all Occasions at CAFÉ NAVIA  Gran Alacant Commercial Centre

At CAFÉ NAVIA we creating unique and handcrafted cakes for your special occasion.

Anniversary Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Novelty Cakes and Traditional Cakes.

CAFÉ NAVIA is situated in Gran Alacant and near to GA Homefinders estate agents at the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre.

C/ Finlandia, 21, C.C. Gran Alacant, 03130

CAFÉ NAVIA Coffee Shop

At CAFÉ NAVIA Coffee Shop (previously Henri Blanc) we have a wonderful selection of breakfasts, light lunches, a variety of teas and furthermore we make cakes for all occasions.

For take away, to eat inside or on the terrace with a drink.

Come and relax in our coffee shop, swap books and read peacefully.

I hope to see you soon,


We are near to GA Homefinders at the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre