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Gran Alacant Ariel Photos

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Gran Alacant Ariel Photos - Cardiac Hill, Carabassi, School, El Faro, Commercial Centre

My Gran Alacant Ariel Photos

These aerial photographs have been specially commissioned for Gran Alacant´s Website.

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Gran Alacant School

Gran Alacant School – CEIP Doña Vicenta Ruso Colegio Gran Alacant

Gran Alacant´s School is situated adjacent to Avda Noruega close to Urb. Novamar and Urb. Monte y Mar. CEIP Doña Vicenta Ruso is a public school in which children receive elementary (3-6 year olds) and primary education.

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Urb. El Faro

Urb. El Faro - bottom middle

El Faro can be found in the highest part of Gran Alacant built on cliffs overlooking the Cape of Santa Pola (El Cabo) with  distant views of Alicante bay. The main street that runs towards the top end of Gran Alacant is called Avda Escandinavia. Just a couple minutes from the urbanization there is a stunning cliff top walk to the lighthouse with probably, the best viewing points south of Alicante.

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Gran Alacant Commercial Centre

Gran Alacant Commercial Centre - bottom right

Also known by the locals as the GA Centre it is situated at the main entrance to Gran Alacant and adjacent to the N-332. Urb. Puerto Marino, a petrol station and park can be found nearby.

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Carabassi Playa and the Clot de Galvany Nature Reserve

Both are situated either side of the beach road with Gran Alacant in the background.

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Cardiac Hill

Known locally as Cardiac Hill - Road running from middle left to bottom right

About half way up Cardiac Hill (Avda Mediterraneo) on the left hand side there is a little resting/view point (el mirador). On the right there is an urbanization called NovaBeach. Urb. Costa Hispania and Novamar can also be seen in the ariel photo.

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