GASP: `Breath of Spring´ Summer Performance

Last weekend GASP Theatre Group put on their summer production, a fast moving comedy called “Breath of Spring” about a group of elderly misfits who form a gang that steals fur coats to raise money for the poor.

The performance was held at the Santara Life Resort Gran Alacant on Saturday and Sunday.

The much admired set was designed and constructed by Terry Lacey.

Special thanks to Penny Rooke who saved the play from being cancelled by stepping in at short notice to take on a major role.

Both evenings were well attended, which means the group will be able to make an increased donation to the Red Cross through Cruz Roja, Santa Pola this year.

GASP would like to thank all who supported them, including local businesses and Ayuntamiento of Santa Pola.

If you have ever fancied treading the boards, or helping out backstage, please come along for an informal chat and meet our members.

You don’t have to have had any previous acting or theatre experience, some of us were complete novices when we joined the Group.

We really do need some more, preferably younger members if the group is to continue. Don’t be shy, come along and meet us.

[email protected]