Latest photos of the adaptions to pedestrian access to Carabassi beach/Clot del Galvany (In Construction).

Photos taken 13th February 2019.

On Wednesday 23rd January the Council began the work of adapting the pedestrian access of Gran Alacant to the beaches of Carabassí and its connection with the Clot del Galvany, these actions are part of the work of regeneration and adaptation of the Cabo de Santa Pola.

The Department of Sustainability, together with the Department of Works of the City of Santa Pola, is adapting the area to facilitate access for pedestrians to the beach areas and the Natural Area. It is expected that the works will be completed in the coming weeks.

Likewise, the councilor of the area, Alejandro Escalada, explains, “on February 24 there will be a popular reforestation in the area to integrate it with the rest of the landscape.” Within the same actions, the Department is working on the design and homologation of a small path (PR) from the CIMAR to Carabassí in the Cape area.

This adaptation is being carried out with small abancalamientos made with the construction technique of the “dry stone”, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.