HALLOWEEN: No ASPETGA Dog Party this year… we’re feeling ruff

2018 Halloween ASPETGA Dog Party - Not going ahead

There was sad news felt by ASPEGA and followers of the Pet Owners Association of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant as the association recently announced that: “The 2018 Halloween Dog Party” will not be going ahead this year.

The announcement of that Gran Alacant´s most cherished events was posted on Facebook where ASPETGA explained the reasons.

Dear friends:

The board of directors of ASPETGA is sad to inform you that for a variety of reasons we will not be able to organize the “ASPETGA Halloween Party fiesta canina” annual Halloween event at the Gran Alacant dog park this year.

During the last four years, it has been our great pleasure to organize and host this event, the first canine Halloween event in Gran Alacant and Santa Pola, an event where all the family, children and dogs included, can participate in the dog costume contest and in different games, as well as raising funds for ASPETGA’s pet food bank and other animal charities.

The reasons are the following:

1. Personal circumstances of the board make organizing this year a challenge.

2. Difficulties in gaining access to the park through the service door with all the equipment and material for the event, associations, etc. The service door is currently blocked and despite petitioning the parties involved no solution had been given.

3. Not having a powerful enough sound system, such as the one we enjoyed the first three editions of the event. The use of generators has been banned and the power point that we were promised has yet been installed so the only sound equipment that the town hall can lend us is a small battery powered portable system. We tried using it last year and it was simply not sufficient for the size of the event and the number of participants.

Organizing such an event is a great effort and unfortunately this year for the reasons mentioned above we do not see things coming together successfully.

Thanks to all the collaborators and suppliers who sponsor this great party every year, we hope to enjoy your generosity again next year when all the personal and technical difficulties have been solved.