Gran Alacant GASP Theatre Group

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Gran Alacant GASP Theatre Group

GASP Theatre unfortunately are no longer in existence.

GASP Theatre unfortunately are no longer in existence. We have ceased operating as a group due to lack of support both in audiences and also due to lack of active acting members. A great shame but there it is.

Gran Alacant´s Amateur Dramatics Group

Gran Alacant GASP Theartre Group are a small amdram group based in Gran Alacant and they have both English and Spanish speaking members.

The group meet at the Life Resort every Monday evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

They make two productions a year, one in the Spring and another in the Autumn with the money raised going to charity.


7.30pm until 9.30pm

Life Resort, Gran Alacant


From the outset in 2009, GASP as a group decided that one of their main objectives was to give to Charities. Working closely with their local councillor Loreto Cascales, the group has made the following donations from income raised at productions:

  • Proyecto Biblioteca Infantil – a local library project in Santa Pola for deprived children
  • Gran Alacant School – a donation for book purchase
  • The ‘LIONS’ – Following the distressing Lorca earthquake in 2011, the group made a donation to the ‘LIONS’ who were organising fund raising on the Costa Blanca for the people of Lorca, many of whom were made homeless. The fund was used towards a centre for people affected by the earthquake
  • Cruz Roja/ Red Cross – The group decided to give to the Cruz Roja because of the good work it does in the area – ambulance, attendance at local events, assistance to long term unemployed etc

It is likely that future donations will be made to Cruz Roja because of the support they provide in the area. Although traditionally GASP has not been a ‘big earner’, the group is hoping that with increased support in future as our following increases, they will be able to donate more.

Contact Us

If you have ever fancied treading the boards, or helping out backstage, please come along for an informal chat and meet our members. You don’t have to have had any previous acting or theatre experience, some of us were complete novices when we joined the Group. We really do need some more, preferably younger members if the group is to continue. Don’t be shy, come along and meet us.:cool:

Find us here

The Life Resort, Gran Alacant

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