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Gran Alacant's Website - Devoted to Gran Alacant

Over 150 people gathered to witness the opening ceremony and watch the bishop bless the new GRAN ALACANT CATHOLIC CHURCH
Gran Alacant´s ASVEGA have been collecting food for needy families with generous shoppers donating 1,106 kg of food and cleaning products
Gran Alacant´s NEW MARKET EL CHATO was INAUGURATED on Friday 21st November 2014. Gran Alacant´s Website was at the event
GRAN ALACANT BICYCLE FIESTA. Cyclists young and old are to enjoy a new tour of Gran Alacant on Sunday 28th December 2104
Look out for raffle tickets in Gran Alacant´s bars, shops and restaurants for the 3 KINGS´S PRIZE DRAW. Help support Feral Friends of Gran Alacant
INTERCLUB based in Gran Alacant. Meeting Point for Ex-Pats. Mainly British people who either live in Spain or visit the area for holidays
View PHOTOS of the CHANGES to GRAN ALACANT over the last few years with Gran Alacant´s Website and
Siente el mar.. Siente el sol.. Dónde las praderas ilban.. Vuela a mi.. Tu color.. Deja que te hable la brisa.. No hay caminos que me alejen de ti..No hay estrellas que me separen de aquí.. Tan sólo quédate..
QfB in Gran Alacant - CENTRE for PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL, UNISEX HAIRDRESSER AND FACIAL REJUVENATION. On main street of Avda Noruega and close to Gran Alacant's School


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