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Advertising FAQ's

OK, so why should my business be online?

Gran Alacant's Website can be seen by visitors 24 hours a day no what time of the day. The majority of our visits come from major internet search engines including and Our visitors are mostly from Northern Europe including UK, Norway, Holland, Germany and many more...

Is it easy to get my business online?

Yes, it's easy to join and get your business on Gran Alacant's Website with low cost advertising. All you need to do is contact us and we'll be in touch to help you to reach your potentional new customers.

Can my business be found on Google? is Nº1 on,, (Norway) and most other major search engines including

From over 1,700,000 results appears at the TOP of the list when searching for `Gran Alacant' and searching for many other key words associate with Gran Alacant.

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What does it mean to my business?

The earlier (or at the TOP of the list), and more frequent the site appears on the list of search results, the more visitors the site receives through the search engine.

The search engines refer many visitors to Gran Alacant's Website looking for information about Gran Alacant and YOUR business will be the first to be seen by potentional customer even before they arrive in Gran Alacant.

If you decide to choose a super page advert like many of our customers then there is a very good chance that your advert will appear at the top or close to the top of the list on the search engines when typing key words associated with your business.

How many visitors does Gran Alacant's Website receive?

Gran Alacant's website began in November 2009 and every month our `unique visitors*' increases.

Small websites sometimes will mention the number of 'hits' their website receives in order to make it seem that they are more popular than they really are. A ‘hit’ is just a single file request in the access log of a Web server; for example, an image. Gran Alacant's Website uses "Unique Visitors per day" which is far more accurate*

How much does it cost to advertise?

Advertising on Gran Alacant's Website is low cost with all our design work free!

To get YOUR business SEEN on-line join Gran Alacant's Website for as little as €10,00 (+IVA)


Place your advert with Gran Alacant's Website and YOUR business will be one step ahead of the competitors!

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