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Places to Visit - Currently being updated

Suggestions from Users of Gran Alacant's Forum

`We stayed in a little village called Banos de la Encina and it was brilliant...'


Sheila Mitchell - Whilst we were in Gran Alacant recently we went to Cordoba Patio fair which included a trip to Granada. We stayed in a little village called Banos de la Encina and it was brilliant. Good service, lovely people on the coach and very reasonably priced.

Mike and Judith - Places like Cordoba, Seville, Santiago, Zaragossa, Avila, Salamanca are all brilliant, but are a bit of a hike for the average holidaymaker. We've been to most because we owned a campervan, & we're going to Cuenca for 3 days next month (don't know why we missed it before)

Closer to home may be more appropriate, & today we passed thro' Aspe & Novelda, both of which are charming & well worth a visit, on our way to Monovar. We particularly wanted a look at the Casa-Museo Azorin, thinking it may be similar to the Casa Modernista in Novelda. It wasn't, & we were quite disappointed with the place.

On a positive note however, we stopped for directions twice during our walkabout, & on both occasions, the people we asked went literally out of their way to take us thro' the confusing parts of our routes before directing us onward. What lovely kind courteous folk!!!!!!

Lord Such - Benidorm is always a good day out and great for a cheap overnight stay too, best of all its on our doorstep and not too much hassle to get to even by public transport.

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