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Saturday 29th January 2011

Gran Alacant Darts Exhibtion raises 1,070 euros for the Maureen Keeler Cancer Charity

Lorraine Denton who is Stephen Bunting's Auntie and Godmother talks to Gran Alacant's Website about the charity event...

`Stephen arrived safely - no snow. The event took place at Bar Sioux from 11 am until late with Stephen playing over 45 games of darts.

The day was started by Stephen playing Murphy from SolBuilders who with Sue and Dave from the Bar sponsered the event.

Stephen played 701 and other people played 501 or less in an attempt to beat him BUT only 3 managed it but no one played 701 and won.

Raffle prizes were donated by many people including many of the Bars from Gran Alacant who are in the darts league.

Stephen had donated a darts board but also donated signed t-shirts towards the raffle. Everyone who played Stephen also received a pack of his own including dart flights from Stephen and had their photo taken with him also. The 3 who managed to beat him also recived a signed certificate.

The evening was finalised by an entertainmennt evening with an excellent singer Terry Jay provided by Sue and Dave.

Stephen was thrilled and said he had never met such nice people and the total amount raised was 1070 euro towards the Maureen keeler cancer charity for the Oncology unit at Elche hospital.

Stephen hopes to come over again to help with the fundraising and meet more around Gran Alacant as he had such a great time.'

View more photos of Gran Alacant's Charity Darts Exhibition on Gran Alacant's Website - Devoted to Gran Alacant

Saturday 18th December 2010

Exhibition re-scheduled. Gran Alacant Charity Event still raises over 300 euros

Gran Alacant's Website has been advised that the charity darts exhibition is re-scheduled for Saturday 29th January 2011. And although the exhibition didn't go ahead on Saturday, the charity event continued with darts competitions and a raffle raising over 300 euros in aid of the Onchology Unit at Elche Hospital.

Lorraine Denton who is Stephen Bunting's Auntie and Godmother said...

`We eventually went ahead with the charity afternoon by doing a darts knockout competition, a race night and a raffle and the afternoon raised over 300 euros. Many Thanks to everyone who made the afternoon a great success. The winner of the Knockout competition was Mr Rob Harropp.

The Dartboard signed by Stephen and Dave Chisnall (BDO 2010 world championship finalist and Tony O'Shea (BDO 2010 World championship Semi finalist) will continue to be raffled until Stephen comes out for the exhibition. Tickets are available in bar sioux. Stephen is now booked to do this on Saturday 29th January 2011.

A reminder that Stephen can be seen playing in the BDO world Championship on 3rd January BBC1.

We hope as many Darts people as possible will attend the exhibition.

It never usually snows this bad in Liverpool. Lets hope its cleared up by the end of January!!!!!!'

Sunday 19th December 2010

Gran Alacant Charity Darts Exhibition RE-SCHEDULED

Gran Alacant's Charity Darts event is RE-SCHEDULED for Saturday 29th January 2011.

Saturday 18th December 2010


Gran Alacant's Website has been informed that due to sudden and severe snow in Liverpool Stephen has not been able to come out to do his exhibition.

Lorraine Denton who is Stephen Bunting's Auntie and Godmother said...

`The flight was delayed due to plane carrier disruption in Ireland and then by the time the passengers boarded the plane the snow started in earnest and after they sat out on the plane for a few hours, the passengers were taken off and at 1030 the flight was cancelled'

`Stephen sends his apologies to everyone and after Lakeside he plans to come out for the exhibition. We're still doing something on Saturday but not sure what is happening as yet. There is a dartboard there as noted but raffle tickets are being sold in Bar Sioux at 1euro a ticket x x x'

Thursday 25th November 2010

Gran Alacant Charity Darts Exhibition in aid of the Onchology Unit at Elche Hospital

To be held on the afternoon of Saturday 18th December 2010.

Stephen Bunting is our Godson/nephew. We are heavily involved within the community around us. Our local bar is Bar Sioux which is run by Sue and Dave Eccleston and they have always been involved in raising funds for MABS and cancer charities such as the calenders.

Dave and Sue have wanted to do something bigger to help Maureen Keelers Cancer Charity for the Onchology unit at Elche Hospital. They are friends of ours and know about my nephew as we all collect in the bar when he plays at the Lakeside Professional Darts Championship. They asked me if I would be able to arrange something with him so I asked Stephen if he could come out and do a Charity Darts Exhibition.

This will involve a FUN day!!!! People will pay 5 euros to play Stephen and they will play off 701 to ensure as many as possible have a good game. We also have a few things to auction including a Dartboard donated by Stephen and signed by himself, Dave Chisnall (2010 Lakeside Finalist) and Tony O'Shea (2010 Semi-Finalist). There will also be other items auctioned. We will also do a raffle. This will be held on the afternoon of Saturday 18th December and during the evening there will be an artist and we shall endeavour to make a good day.

Come along and try to play him!!!!

All are welcome.

Information and Photos supplied by Lorraine Denton and brother Dave Denton.

Bar Sioux is located in the upper part of Gran Alacant situated along Avda Escandinavia.



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