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Gran Alacant’s Website is DEVOTED to Gran Alacant. Since launching in November 2009 MYGRANALACANT.COM has gained a strong following and we're pleased to say that many visitors return time after time.

Our reputation is KEY so you can be assured that our services associated with Gran Alacant’s Website will be professional, dependable and competitive.

Our services include holding your key, fortnightly visual checks of your unoccupied property, keeping you updated with our checks by sending regular reports and arranging your property to be opened for visitors prior to their arrival.


Prices are subject to IVA and are for properties in Gran Alacant.

If you are interested in our services but have a property located outside of Gran Alacant then please contact us and we will be able to advise you of the prices for our services in your area.


Our service for €1 per week

• Holding and safe keeping of keys

[email protected]


Our FORTNIGHTLY service for €20 per month

• Holding and safe keeping of keys

FORTNIGHTLY check of your property

Our checks to include:

• Security check to ensure everything is secure

• Ventilation of property (opening doors and windows) during our inspection

• Visual check for mould or dampness

• Visual check for damage or break-in

• Visual check of water and electricity

• Check for gas (smell)

• Run taps and flush toilets to ensure working correctly

• Fortnightly Report will be sent to you by email

The following service is also available if required.

Upon your request we will arrange for the property to be opened and ready prior to visitors arriving. We will turn on electric, fridge/freezer, hot water and clean the outside of the property which will include terraces, shutters and windows. We will also leave an outside light on for visitors arriving when dark. Our charge for this will be €25 per request.

If you require a full clean then this would depend on the size of your property but prices start from 65euros for a two bedroom apartment.

[email protected]
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