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Loreto Cascales Martínez | Introduction from the Councillor of Gran Alacant


If you have any complaints, queries or suggestions, make an appointment to see me at the municipal office on 966697749. It will be a pleasure talking to you, trying to help you within my means and knowing you in order to make good things for Gran Alacant and for the people living here.

Kind regards,

Loreto Cascales Martínez

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My name is Loreto Cascales Martínez and I am the councillor of Gran Alacant from 2003. My task inside the local government of Santa Pola is to see and listen to all the people living in Gran Alacant that want to make a complaint or suggestion and, at the same time, to coordinate all the council departments so that they act properly in Gran Alacant. We could say that I am the link between the population of Gran Alacant and the town councillors.

When I started my path almost 7 years ago, there were not any services for the citizens, so I am proud to say that, besides the fact that I am the first councillor of Gran Alacant in the history of our town, I have got the “first times” of almost everything here, with the support of the current government team (Partido Popular): the first municipal office, the first public health centre, the first library, the first state school, the first municipal park, the first pétanque rinks, the first children playgrounds, the first closed sports centre, the first viewpoints, the first benches and litter bins, the first wide pavements, the first trees, the first cleaning of the mountains (Sierra), the first bus shelters… and a long etcetera that we will add to this list thanks to the plans that this government team has prepared for Gran Alacant for 2010: a new street market, the extension of the sports centre, the repair of Mediterraneo avenue from the post office towards the coast… and many others that we will develop in the future.

Our only intention is to improve the installations, services and, in short, the life of our people. My purpose is therefore to increase the welfare of our citizens in Gran Alacant and I believe that we are achieving it little by little thanks to the effort and collaboration of all of us.

The people who come to talk to me every day tell me their needs and suggestions to improve the area of Gran Alacant.

As soon as we have economic means and staff, we make those ideas come true. So we are achieving little by little that our town is a nicer, more modern place thanks to the effort of the town council and the collaboration of the citizens.

As well, I would like to tell you that we have prepared a cultural and leisure program where you can take part in. For further information, go to the International Library of Gran Alacant or call on 966697110. There is also a social worker who comes on Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoon, to request an appointment go to the municipal office or call on 966697749. | ir a portada | ir a portada | ir a portada | tiempo | rss | favoritos | descargas aqregar esta página a favoritos establecer esta página como inicio | twitter | tu tubo | our councillor for gran alacant english version versión española