Halloween in the context of the current pandemic

COUNCIL ANNOUNCEMENT: Communicated 23rd October 2020

As every year on Halloween, from October 31 to November 1, Halloween celebrations are increasingly common, a custom imported with great success among young people and which usually involves private parties, organized events, family gatherings and schoolmates.

In the context of the current pandemic, from the Santa Pola city council we want to appeal to citizens, especially the youngest segment, mothers and fathers, to take extreme precautions throughout the municipality of Santa Pola, including Gran Alacant:

      • Do not go to parties organized for the celebration.
      • Avoid having family gatherings or with school or high school friends, especially where different school groups are mixed.
      • Refrain from the traditional sweets and candy pickups (the “trick or treat”).
      • All these activities constitute the perfect breeding ground for the involuntary and uncontrolled spread of the disease, given that there is a high percentage of asymptomatic patients.

Once again, it is frustrating and annoying to have to give up such rewarding activities and meetings, but we must be responsible to overcome the pandemic.