Rescued baby sea turtles released off Carabassi Beach

Twenty-five rescued baby loggerhead sea turtles have been released into their natural habitat off Carabassi Beach part of a project to preserve the endangered turtles.

On Monday crowds flocked to the Carabassi beach to see the mother and her baby sea turtles released into the wild. The little creatures came from a nest that was found last year on Alicante´s bustling San Juan Playa. They were hatched and cared for until reaching a size to be released.

Prior to their release there were learning activities about the nature of the project, it´s importance and recreating the story of how the turtles came to be.

Gran Alacant´s local beach Carabassi Playa belongs to the Municipality of Elche.

Baby loggerhead sea turtle released into wild

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