Information of vital importance about the plague of mosquitos

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The rain in the last few days have produced water accumulations in different areas of the municipality.

These rains along with the high temperatures that we still have, have caused potential pockets for the proliferation of mosquitoes, both the common mosquito (Culex Pipiens) and mosquitoes of the Aedes genre.

In order to combat the appearance of larvae and adult mosquitoes in the municipality, the technicians of Lokimica are performing treatments in specific areas that have formed after the rains to control and to eliminate the possibility of larvae and adult mosquitoes.

These treatments consist of larvicidal treatments, through biological products that only affect the mosquito larvae and not other fauna, or by performing adulticide treatments in authorized places, using natural pyrethrins, and thus decrease in the shortest possible time, to the adult population.

Even so, the rains have caused accumulations of water in private areas, which the owners are responsible for their elimination and treatment.

Working together this will promote the total elimination of mosquitoes in the municipality.

Next, we will indicate some tips to avoid the appearance of the common mosquito and the tiger mosquito in private areas.

    • Avoid containers that can accumulate stagnant water (buckets, drums, ashtrays, flower pot dishes, fountains etc.) so that there are no breeding places and to prevent their reproduction
    • Maintain adequate levels of chlorine in pools and ponds throughout the year so that they do not breed there
    • Protect wells and reservoirs with mosquito nets so that they do not lay egg
    • Monitor drip irrigation, as it can leave small water points in pots and dishes. It is necessary to remove the excess water from the irrigation of the plants
    • Renew every 2 or 3 days the water containers of our pets
    • Pour water into sinks, at least once a week, to avoid stagnation

We want to remind you that you can notify Santa Pola Council of the specific areas that are affecting the public, as these incidents will be attended as soon as possible, using low toxicity products and delimiting the breeding pockets causing the lower risk in the population.