Gran Alacant´s Carrera Popular Abel Antón 10k Race

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Gran Alacant Carrera Popular Abel Antón Race

Gran Alacant Carrera Popular Abel Antón Race

Gran Alacant’s Carrera Popular Abel Antón Race is held every year in honour of the Spanish gold medalist of the same name. He won gold medals in the marathon at the 1997 and the 1999 World Championships in Athletics. In 1998 Antón became the first Spanish runner to win the London Marathon.

The event is very well known amongst local and national sports athletes. Organised by European Residents Neighbourhood Association, Santa Pola’s Athletics Club and Santa Pola Town Council.

The start and finish is at Gran Alacant’s Commercial Centre with races for all ages including veterans, youngsters and children.

March or October

Gran Alacant Commercial Centre


Veterans C - Older than 56 years - 10.000 mts

Veterans B - 46 to 55 years old - 10.000 mts

Veterans A - 35 to 45 years old - 10.000 mts

Senior - 18 to 34 years old - 10.000 mts

Junior - 16 to 17 years old - 1.500 mts

14 to 15 years old - 1.000 mts

12 to 13 years old - 1.000 mts

10 to 11 years old - 700 mts

8 to 9 years old - 600 mts

5 to 7 years old - 300 mts

0 to 4 years old - 200 mts

How to Register

More information can be found at

Prices depend on the date participants register.

Race starts and finishes at Gran Alacant’s Commercial Centre.