ASVEGA helping Families in Need at Christmas 2012

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ASVEGA stationed at the Gran Alacant Comercial Centre collecting food for families in need.

Helping Families in Need at Christmas

Gran Alacant’s shoppers came out to support ASVEGA’s Food Collection day by helping donate 1,220 Kg of groceries for needy people in Santa Pola who find themselves unable to pay their household bills and with no money for meals.

Organisers of the collection ASVEGA, the European Residents Neighbourhood Association of Gran Alacant were stationed outside supermarkets and shops in Gran Alacant and Santa Pola collecting food for Cáritas, the Spanish charity that helps people in precarious and / or social exclusion in Santa Pola.

ASVEGA is an independent neighbourhood association providing ideas and activites to improve services and achieve a better quality of life for all neighbours in Gran Alacant.

Saturday 8th December 2012

All Day - 9.15am until 9.15pm

Gran Alacant Commercial Centre

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ASVEGA Collection Food Point stationed at the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre