TOLDOS COSTA BLANCA: What types of patio awnings should I put in my home?

Veranda awning

A veranda can be described as an open gallery with columns, roofed and built around a central structure.
The particularity of our Veranda awnings is that they are mobile, that is, they can be opened and closed
thanks to a motor, through a remote control.

In addition, they are also designed to be placed under a glass or polycarbonate roof , being able to close
it to block the sun’s rays, or open it to enjoy them.

Nautical awnings with box

They are the ideal awnings for patios, since they have a vertical drop to protect us, both from the sun
and from the rain and wind. In addition, they can have transparent plastic windows to enjoy the views
that our home offers us.

Thanks to them, we can obtain different types of environment: In winter ideal to close a space, either to
install a small dining room or a small living room. And in summer allows the entry of light with what the
closed space becomes a pleasant environment. Ideal to establish a space of privacy.

Motorized awnings for patios

Awnings for patios have the advantage of being retractable when they are not needed. So we can enjoy
the views or the cool of the environment. In the case that we have installed awnings of a very large size,
installing a motorized model is a good option.
These motorized awnings are operated with a control, being much more comfortable than the manual
ones. We recommend this type of awning when the length is greater than 4 meters it makes handling
much easier.

Rain and wind sensors

It is an extra to install on the awnings, which makes them even more practical. The rain and wind sensors
make the awning retract automatically when there are very strong gusts of wind, protecting it from
being exposed to conditions that could damage it.
For the mechanism to work, it must have a motor.

Sail awnings for patios

Patio sail awnings are an excellent choice for shading your patio. They can be fixed at various points,
designing the shadow space as we need. And they can be one or more candles according to needs. The
sails can be square or triangular, and of the size and extension that we need. The possibilities in this type
of awnings are endless if you have custom sail awnings, as is the case of Toldos Costa Blanca.

How to choose the fabric for my awning?

One of the most important things in making the awning is the type of material used and having canvases
that effectively protect against UV radiation.

For the protection to be really effective, the ideal is that the canvas offers a protection of between 90
and 99% against UV and infrared rays.

The colour of the awning

You should know that in the choice of fabric, colour also has great weight compared to luminosity and
protection against heat. This is why, more than for aesthetics, we must think about what luminosity we
want in the area to be shaded. Taking into account that the darker the fabric, the less light intensity we
will find in the protected space.​

In the case of neighbour communities, many times the colour of the awning will be imposed and you
must respect it.

What size is ideal for my patio?

Well, this is a question that clients often ask us. It will depend on the space you have and the type of
awning. Extendable arm awnings can cover up to 2.5 meters in length. While the fixed ones, the
measurement will be that of the anchor points.

You should think about whether you want to cover the entire patio, or you want to enjoy shade and sun
in the same space.

Do not forget the orientation in the awnings for patios.

The orientation of the patio also influences the type of awning that is best. The shade varies with the
hours and the position of the sun. Thinking about the orientation of the patio it is important to create
the shaded space.

Some reasons to have patio awnings

You will gain an outdoor space that you can enjoy with total comfort. Using it both in summer and

With Toldos Costa Blanca awnings, you will enjoy a top quality awning, leaving your home or business
protected from UV rays.

Your home or business will be more energy efficient. With the installation of awnings you can regulate
the temperature of the rooms, and you can reduce energy consumption.

Do you already know which is the patio awning that best suits the characteristics of your home? Are you
not very clear?

Contact us through 966 845 800 or via email at [email protected] and we will
gladly advise you!

Our team of technicians will tell you which awning size is the most appropriate to enjoy the outdoor
space to the fullest, as well as the awning model that best suits your needs.

TOLDOS COSTA BLANCA manufacture and install a wide range of sun awnings.

With 40 years of experience the team provide: EXPERT ADVICE, EXCELLENT AFTERSALES and TOP QUALITY AWNINGS.

At TOLDOS COSTA BLANCA quality is their commitment, so all the sun awnings have certified quality assurance.


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