Making Gran Alacant´s Beach - Playa el Carabassí

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October 2015 - Fences are erected to protect the dune ecosystem


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In October 2015 Municipal of Elche put up fences along the Carabassi beach in order to protect the dunes which is a conservation area.

Residents and visitors now have access to the beaches using the designated walkways designed to preserve the precious dunes. Walkways were completed by January 2010.

Foot Showers

In early 2010 Carabassi beach was dug up in order to lay pipes for the foot showers that we see now beside each of the walkways.

The Municipal of Elche has some of the best presented dune systems in the peninsula. Eco-System signs are situated at the entrances to all walkways. Installation was complete by January 2010.

Palm trees were added along the Carabassi beach during May 2013. These palms are designed to give sunbathers some valuable shade during the hot summer months.

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Playa el Carabassí is located within the Municipality of Elche and our Gran Alacant beach.

Part of Elche municipality is coastal but the city is 11 km from the sea.