COUNCIL: Santa Pola Council asks for the declaration of a safe zone for the Sierra

Santa Pola Council asks for the declaration of a security zone for the Sierra

Santa Pola Councils´s Department of Sustainability has asked the Regional Ministry to declare a safe area for the Sierra, which will mean hunting will not continue in the zone.

The Sierra de Santa Pola has become, especially in recent years, a large recreation area for all citizens. The expansion of the municipality to the bordering areas of the Sierra has meant that there are many activities that take place throughout the year in this historical, privileged and well loved environment by residents and visitors to the area.

The number and quality of the examples are striking: walks, school sports, bike tours, cultural visits and sports competitions: Nordic walking, orienteering, triathlon tests and half marathons.

This expansion of leisure, sports, cultural or environmental activities, has had to coexist with another activity that has been taking place in the natural space for decades, like hunting. For many years now, this coexistence has been problematic: there is a growing danger of accidents, and the problems of coexistence among the neighborhood grow year after year.

Sierra of Santa Pola