BOWLS: Latest News from Monte Mar Bowls Club, Day trip to cave village Alcala del Jucar

Social members day trip to cave village Alcala del Jucar

Sunday 13th May

On Sunday 13th May bowling and social members enjoyed a day trip to the cave village of Alcala del Jucar. First stop was coffee in the charming historical town of Almansa. After a lovely walk along the banks of the river Jucar we went for lunch. We all enjoyed a lovely three course lunch in a mountain top restaurant with amazing views. Thank you to the ladies of the social committee for organising a enjoyable day trip.

Photos provided by Monte Mar Bowls

VCL league

Wednesday 30th May

Monte Mar Lords were away to Country Bowls Herons. A good result for the Lords winning on four rinks. Well done to Jan Gatward (singles) 21 – 6, John Hunt and Jack Burrell 15 – 14, Wendy Sheridan, Diane Horsington and skip Iain Sheridan 29 – 23, Tanya Oliver, Howie Williams, Joe Ridley and skip Diane Ridley 24 – 11.

Shots Lords 106 – 75 Herons
Points Lords10 – 2 Herons

Wednesday 6th June

Monte Mar Lords were at home to Horadada. As expected it was a tough match with Monte Mar winning on two rinks. Well done to Alan Ashberry (singles) 21 – 16, Jean Chamberain, Diana Horsington and skip Iain Sheridan 14 – 12.

Shots Monte Mar 74 – 80 Horadada
Points Monte Mar 4 – 8 Horadada

Indalo Weekend

Over the weekend of 2nd & 3rd June we played the annual fixture against our friends from Indalo Bowls Club, Mojacar. This year it was Indalo’s turn to visit us in Gran Alacant. We played two sessions of bowls, one on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday morning. A total of twelve games were played with two points for each game. Scores were level at eleven points all, with one game still to be finished. With the last bowl of the game Indalo scored the winning shot and edged the series by thirteen points to eleven. After the game many of us had lunch together at the Belfry which was a fitting end to a successful weekend for both clubs. Next year we are due to visit Indalo.

Monday 4th June

Monte Mar Torros v La Siesta Hornets

A good win for the Torros after a close game. Well done to the winning teams of Sheila Roberts, Phil Goble and skip Jan Gatward, Jean Chamberlian, Joe Ridley skip Diane Ridley. A special well done to the other winning teams (who came back from behind) Howie Williams, Keith Simpson and skip Rod Chamberlain, Wendy Sheridan, Tanya Oliver and skip Jack Burrell.

Shots Torros 88 – 95 Hornets
Points Torros 8 – 6 Hornets

Monday 11th June

Monte Mar Torros v El Rancho Buckskins

We had stressful hour before the start of the match, as we had to find three replacements bowlers as a result of three different mishaps to team members. When we got underway on a lovely sunny morning we had a great mornings bowling. While the Torros had a important win to keep them top of the league,the Buckskins played there part in an excellent match. The Torros won on five rinks, so well done to everyone for a great performance.

Shots Torros 121 – 60 Buckskins
Points Torros 12 – 2 Buckskins

Wednesday 13th June

Monte Mar Lords v La Marina

On a lovely sunny morning the Lords had a good result against La Marina winning on three rinks. Well done to Sheila Roberts (singles) Pauline and Barrie Woodfine, Tanya Oliver, Howie Williams, Joe Ridley and skip Diane Ridley.

Shots Lords 88 – 79 La Marina
Points Lords 8 – 4 La Marina