EARTHQUAKE: Did the earth move for you? Earthquake felt in Gran Alacant

An earthquake was felt in Gran Alacant and many municipalities across the Alicante province with the epicenter in the seas off the coast of Torrevieja on Sunday. The earthquake of magnitude 3.8 occurred at 17.16h wihtout damage on Sunday 24th March 2019 according to the National Geographic Institute.

And here some testimonies posted on the website Euro-Med Seismological Centre (EMSC)

Santa Pola
The chairs me an my wife was sitting shook very briefly. Small items in cabinets ratteld lightly. A short rumble was heard.

Ruido y vibraciones.unos 6 sec. Menos mal q ha pasado durante el día.

Se movió bien a cama y el monitor durante unos 5 segundos.. que susto!

It was only a few seconds but my husband and myself felt furniture shake and the desk lights shook. It made me feel mildly panicky.

And more recently, on Thursday evening at 20.26h a further earthquake of 3.1 was registered according to the National Geographic Institute.