3 Kings Christmas Draw 2015

Feral (Animals) Friends of Gran Alacant are looking for sponsors of this year´s Three King´s Christmas Raffle raising funds for animal needs and sterilizations (castrations).

Shell who runs the Feral Friends of Gran Alacant spoke to Gran Alacant´s Website…

We are still gathering Sponsors (Prizes will be advertised shortly on this website); though we already pleased to have the following sponsors:

  • Gran Alacant´s Website - MYGRANALACANT.COM  donating 80 € in cash
  • Holiday Villas & Apartments in Gran Alacant - donating 50 €
  • Menu for 2 at Restaurant Rincon de Pili

Tickets are being sold by volunteers and businesses in and around Gran Alacant with the Raffle tickets selling at 1 € per number.

Shell (0034) 697 574 199 (except Sundays)

[email protected]