Charity Cycle Ride

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May I thank Gran Alacant´s Website on the behalf of the Gran Alacant Bike Club and all the corporate and non corporate persons who have provided such brilliant support to Teenage Cancer Trust. Teenage Cancer Trust was an existing charity at the time of Stephen Sutton’s diognosis with terminal cancer, but his drive, enthusiasm and passion to help others through raising money for the charity really put it on the map.

Stephen was brought up in Burntwood, Staffordshire, where he attended local schools, which included Highfields Primary School where my late wife Liz Hazel
taught Stephen.

In support of Stephen, the Burntwood and surrounded towns and villages displayed yellow ribbons, this being replicated this year.

Just before Stephen’s passing in May of last year, the world was captured by his passion for life and the good that he brought to the world through his fund raising. Donations were received from around the world and Stephen’s plight appeared nationally and internationally across news programmes. It was during the spring of last year that the Gran Alacant Bike Club decided to support Stephen’s charity, the group having been positively affected by Stephen and as a consequence of Liz having taught this inspirational young man. Originally, the charity ride was due to take place on November 2nd, but was delayed as a consequence of the sudden and unexpected passing of Liz.

On March 20th, 4 riders from the Bike Club embarked on their ride from Barcelona to Gran Alacant, these being Gavin Martin, Richard Mills, Karen Grundeken and Robert Hazel. The 543 kilometre trip was made more difficult by the cyclists choice of cycle, these being mountain bikes that the club regularly uses across the hills of Gran Alacant and surrounding areas, the ride reaching a conclusion on Thursday 26th March.

In total, the cycle club aim to raise £2500 for the teenage cancer charity and are already planning a further ride towards the autumn in memory of Liz and in support of thrombosis charities, thrombosis being responsible for more deaths than breast cancer, road traffic accidents and aids collectively.

The below will give you a feel for Stephen Sutton MBE and the tremendous work that he carried out before his sad passing.


The below is the Facebook site for the charity cycle ride which should provide a story in itself with several photographs.


Thanks again,

Robert Hazel

Day 7 and ride completed!!!!

Having a fabulous lunch and well earned drink or two before home to shower and relaxxxxing baths and own beds tonight!!! Great life experience and memories to be proud of forever! Well done all what a Team we make!!