GA BRIDGE UPDATE: From 9th May 2016

From 9th May: N-332 traffic flow returns to normal

On Monday 19th May it is planned that the N-332 will return to normal. The traffic flow for Alicante that had been diverted off the N-332 and past the petrol station will return to it´s normal path and back onto the N-332.

Diversion continues for Santa Pola

However, Phase 4 of the project has not yet been completed and traffic for Santa Pola will CONTINUE  to be diverted in order for structural rehabilitation work to continue. Traffic continues being redirected onto the N-332 towards the EL ALTET junction where vehicles are required to change direction at the roundabout and return along the N-332 for Santa Pola.

From 11th May: Bridge closed (For 1 week)

Phase 5 will begin on Wednesday 11th May and will last for one week. It will involve the bridge to be closed in both directions.

Traffic from Alicante for Gran Alacant will be directed via Arenales del Sol at the El Altet turn off.

It will not be necessary to asphelt the stretch that has seen yellow markings as the yellow adhesive tape used avoided stains and damage.

Bridge closed from Wednesday 11th May 2016