Playa el Carabassí Ecosystem

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Playa el Carabassí

Signs being installed on the Carabassi Playa during January 2010

Ecosystem Display Signs

Elche has some of the best presented dune systems in the peninsula, stretching out on 8 out of it’s 9 kilometres of coast. Most of them are Sites of Community Interest (SCI’S), and the beaches and dunes of El Altet, Arenales and Carabassi are part of the local nature Site of Galvony.

For this reason, the Ministry of the Environment, by means of the Regional Coastal Service and upon request of Elche City Council, has taken important actions in order to ensure the upkeep of this unique ecosystem as well as an easy and comfortable access to the beaches for those who wish to bathe in the warm waters of the Mediteranean or comtemplate an extraordinary landscape with a unique flora and fauna.

Help us maintain them by avoiding to walk among the dunes other than on the designated areas and you will bear witness of how the landscape becomes more attractive and richer in flora and fauna.

The beaches and dunes of Arenales and Carabassi offer a wonderful example of the dune ecosystem. In these places, we find broad beaches followed by small embryo dunes that turn to semi-fixed dunes with a great variety of flora species. At the end there are dunes fixed by the presence of large bushes and trees.

The sand accumulating on the dunes constitutes a natural reserve to replace that of the beach, which is swallowed by the sea during storms, meaning that if dunes disappear, beaches will also disappear.

As you walk on the walkways, you will be able to witness the development of the different types of dunes from a vantage position. The walkways have been especially designed not to get in the way of the wind as it transports the sand deposited on the beach and on the dunes.

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Carabassi beach belongs to Elche. Elche city is 11 km from the sea with part of the municipality being coastal.